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This site is powered entirely by open source technologies. Whenever possible, yukon dude software builds systems based on open source software, and releases its own products under open source licences.

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This site is—minimally—powered by PHP. The PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (a recursive acronym thought to be more sexy than the original meaning, "Personal Home Page") is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages. PHP is an open source project directed by the Apache Software Foundation.

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The content and layout of this site is managed through the Smarty Template Engine, a PHP-based system for cleanly separating the visual presentation of a website from its underlying functional logic.

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This site is served by the Apache Software Foundation's HTTP Server, usually known simply as "Apache". The Apache web server is currently the most popular on the Internet, and is certainly one of the most robust and secure.

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The server hosting this site is powered by the Ubuntu distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. The GNU/Linux operating system is an open source analogue of UNIX. There are a bewildering variety of GNU/Linux distributions, and Ubuntu is one of the more trendy of these.